On edge mines inspection

Enhance exploration and mapping with efficiency and safety

Product used

Inspector Lite

Inspector Lite: crafted for efficient, affordable, and dependable inspections. Inspector Lite is engineered to integrate AI on the edge, ensuring precise and intelligent analysis during inspections.

Its portability factor, combined with the capability to seamlessly integrate lightweight payloads, offers unparalleled flexibility. Designed for ease of use and rapid deployment, Inspector Lite features a foldable design for effortless transportation. Experience real-time insights, making inspections not just accurate but also swift and actionable.

Product Used


Drones in Mining & Quarrying

Surveying and mapping

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and LiDAR sensors can quickly survey and map mining sites, capturing detailed topographic data and creating 3D models of terrain and infrastructure. AI algorithms can analyze this data to accurately assess the volume of ore reserves, identify geological features, and plan optimal extraction strategies.


Drones can be used for prospecting and exploration activities to identify potential mineral deposits and assess their composition and quality. AI algorithms can analyze drone-captured imagery and sensor data to detect geological anomalies, mineral signatures, or indicators of ore concentration, helping to guide further exploration efforts.

Safety inspections

Drones can conduct safety inspections of mining infrastructure such as pits, slopes, and equipment, without putting personnel at risk. AI algorithms can analyze drone-captured imagery to identify potential hazards, structural defects, or equipment malfunctions, facilitating timely maintenance and reducing the risk of accidents.

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