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At Enord, we are designing & developing drones that have an AI pilot systemâ„¢ for autonomous navigation which is capable of flying even in any confined spaces that will ultimately create ease in operating, generating insights, and taking action that does not rely on GPS.

Creating Ease

To Create Ease in the Drone industry through AI-Based Autonomy
To lead Drone Industry using Autonomy & AI by 2025.


At Enord, We are designing & developing drones with cutting-edge technology to create ease for the end-user that are even capable of flying in a GPS denied environment.


We are developing level 5 autonomy using vision-based navigation.


We are designing and developing drones that have an AI pilot system for autonomous navigation which is capable of doing 21+ Trillion Operations Per Second.

Enord has a great working culture. During my time as an intern here, I learned a lot from these people. They all are super helpful and understanding which makes Enord a great place to learn and grow as a professional.
Kahkasha Khan
Enord helped me to assemble a drone for my research lab. They have a dedicated and skilful team of engineers.The finishing of the delivered product is as per the professional level and the flight control system implemented by the team is very robust. Overall, they have provided an excellent solution. Looking forward to collaborate again in other projects.
Sanat K Biswas