Enhance inventory management precision at a reduced cost

Utilize Enord drones to streamline inventory scanning processes, automating tedioustasks like physical counting and cycle counts. This enables your human resources tofocus on more valuable and engaging work.

Enord offers a fully automated solution. Once the warehouse is mapped, our dronesautonomously fly designated routes using advanced AI navigation to capture barcodesand LPNs without crashing. Each drone returns to its Dock, securely uploading data to awarehouse system.

Discover how automation can revolutionize inventory management

inventory management.

Simplify inventory management with automation for seamless operations

Operating Enord drones indoors is effortless; no operator is required. Simply set the schedule and desired coverage positions, and the drone will autonomously navigate around obstacles to capture comprehensive inventory data.

Access data anytime, anywhere, as per your need

Enord drones effortlessly capture data at any altitude within seconds, operating even during quiet periods to continuously gather information without interrupting regular operations. Enable more frequent routine counts, ensuring up-to-date records without the need for shutdowns

Dock, recharge, send data and get ready for the next flight

After each flight, your Enord drone autonomously returns to its Dock, serving as the central hub for remote operations. The captured data is then transmitted to a Warehouse Management system to update the inventory, facilitating rapid updates and efficient inventory tracking. Securely log in from any location to easily manage your drone's flights.

Autonomous remote operations

Streamline operations with robust AI-Pilot

Remotely monitor, patrol, and gather data without the need for on-site personnel, ensuring seamless operations

Three more reasons

Enord makes inventory management easy

AI Powered Navigation

Enord drones fly indoors or outdoors beyond GPS range, utilizing navigational cameras and a reliable AI-driven visual navigation system

Tailored Ecosystem

Enord offers a comprehensive warehouse inventory management solution to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Reduced Human Error

Reduce human error in inventory management with AI-powered drones, ensuring precise tracking and minimizing mistakes.

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