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The Team

Muhammad Anas
Founder | Chairman | CEO

Muhammad Anas is an entrepreneur & IT engineer. Having the vision to create ease in the drone industry and have developed 8 IPs.

Zain Saeed
Co-Founder | COO

Zain Saeed is an entrepreneur & educationist. He oversees the operations & business development of the company with his persuasion abilities.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Solanki
Vice President

Dr. Ashok Kumar Solanki, the former Registrar of IIIT Delhi with a Ph.D. in Nanomagnetism and Condensed Matter & Materials brings profound technological insight to Enord. His emphasis on innovation empowers the team to excel in advancing technology and knowledge.

Dr. Babu Lal
Executive Director

With 37+ years of leadership as the Ex-Executive Director of BHEL, Dr. Babu Lal elevates Enord with his expertise in operations

R.K Narang

Group Captain Rajeev Kumar Narang VM of the IAF has flown more than 4700 over varied terrains. He was awarded Vayu Sena Medal (VM) for meritorious service in 2000.

Dr. Arti Kashyap

Dr. Arti Kashyap, Dean of DCS at IIT Mandi and a Ph.D. graduate from IIT Roorkee, contributes 20+ years of educational experience to propel technological advancements at Enord.

We aim to Revolutionize the Drone World with AI and Insight

Founded on January 29th, 2021,Enord, emerging swiftly from top IITs, IIITs, and IIMs incubators, is driven by its ethos of 'Creating Ease.' Enord stands at the forefront of the drone revolution, having devoted three years to developing our AI Pilot system. Our focus isn't just on crafting drones but on redefining their role entirely; we view drones not just as mere flying machines but intelligent, autonomous entities capable of insightful operations beyond traditional GPS and compass navigation.

With a mission to infuse the drone industry with accessible, cutting-edge technology, and a vision to be the leader in AI-driven autonomous drones, Enord symbolizes a paradigm shift in drone technology, emphasizing ease, efficiency, and insightful data generation, thereby reimagining the future of drone applications in various industries.

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