Transform ecological inspection into a seamless and efficient process

Utilize Enord drones to streamline the ecological inspection process, eliminating tedious and laborious tasks like field surveys and sample collections. This enables your human resources to focus on more valuable and engaging work.

Enord offers a seamless and user-friendly solution. Our drones autonomously navigate inspection areas with minimal human input, collecting valuable data and high-quality images for thorough analysis.

Discover how AI can revolutionize

ecological inspection.

Guarantee precise data collection utilizing the appropriate device

Enord drones come equipped with high-resolution cameras for capturing detailed images for on-board processing. Additionally, the Plug-n-Play smart payloads like AirSense, provide real-time air quality data such as PPM, greenhouse gas concentration, temperature, and humidity.

Improve real-time situational awareness using AI

Enord drones, with AI at their core, feature On-Edge processing capabilities. This allows for the real-time detection of trees, animals, and more. Our drones also enable operators to visualize real-time air quality data from AirSense, making your inspection process swift and effortless.

Navigate autonomously with minimal human intervention

Enord drones are equipped with an AI-Pilot system, empowering them to autonomously navigate complex terrain and dynamic environmental conditions. This ensures thorough coverage of inspection areas to collect data while minimizing risks to operators and the environment.

Three more reasons

Enord makes ecological Inspection easy

AI Powered Navigation

Enord drones fly indoors or outdoors beyond GPS range, utilizing navigational cameras and a reliable AI-driven visual navigation system

Tailored Ecosystem

Enord provides a holistic solution with a suite of applications and drones tailored to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Reduced Human Error

Mitigate human error in inspections and operations using AI-powered drones, ensuring accurate analysis and reducing mistakes

Allow us to demonstrate how effortlessly you can conduct ecological inspection process

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