Scan vast search areas, day or night, and locate subjects faster with tailored ecosystem.

Extend coverage beyond the capacity of ground teams, and at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional aircraft, using Skydio. Equipped with AI-powered obstacle avoidance, it enables searches in remote and intricate environments without the risk of collisions. Capture top-quality video and images to identify life-saving details securely.

With minimal training, any responder can easily become equipped for flight. Our advancements in autonomy ensure that the cognitive burden remains low, enabling your responder to focus entirely on the task at hand.

Experience an expansive vision to extend your reach with Enord

search & rescue.

Obtain situational awareness to detect and identify missing individuals

Capture images and videos using both color and thermal cameras to locate missing individuals in dense forests or vast terrains. Thermal cameras cover extensive areas efficiently, allowing close inspection for assessing the subject's well-being and facilitating a prompt rescue response. Skydio's foldable, durable design ensures aerial intelligence accessibility anywhere, ensuring readiness for any mission.

Enable any responder with just a few hours of training.

Traditional drones demand extensive training, often taking weeks and hundreds of flying hours to master. With Enord, however, such rigorous training isn't needed. Our AI-Pilot System allows operators with minimal experience to fly in critical environments, effortlessly navigating around obstacles. This means you can launch and expand your program without the need for extensive training investments.

Streamline response efforts through a unified operating view

Enable efficient coordination among field teams, command units, and other agencies by sharing real-time video. This ensures a common operating view for making timely and informed decisions.

Three more reasons

Enord makes search & rescue easy

AI Powered Navigation

Enord drones fly indoors or outdoors beyond GPS range, utilizing navigational cameras and a reliable AI-driven visual navigation system

Thermal Imaging

Identify potential missing persons regardless of the time of day, by distinguishing variations in heat and temperature.

Reduced human Error

Mitigate human error in inspections and operations using AI-powered drones, ensuring accurate analysis and reducing mistakes.

Allow us to demonstrate how effortlessly you can optimize search and rescue operations

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