On edge site inspection

Enhance construction site inspection efficiency with AI and autonomy

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Inspector Lite

Inspector Lite: crafted for efficient, affordable, and dependable inspections. Inspector Lite is engineered to integrate AI on the edge, ensuring precise and intelligent analysis during inspections.

Its portability factor, combined with the capability to seamlessly integrate lightweight payloads, offers unparalleled flexibility. Designed for ease of use and rapid deployment, Inspector Lite features a foldable design for effortless transportation. Experience real-time insights, making inspections not just accurate but also swift and actionable.

Product Used


Drones in Construction

Progress Monitoring

Drones can regularly capture aerial imagery or video footage of construction sites to track project progress over time. AI algorithms can analyze this data to compare actual progress against project timelines, identify potential delays or bottlenecks, and facilitate proactive decision-making by project managers.

Site Surveying and Mapping

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and LiDAR sensors can quickly survey construction sites to create detailed topographic maps and 3D models. AI algorithms can process this data to accurately assess site conditions, identify obstacles, and plan construction layouts.

Quality Control and Inspection

Drones can conduct aerial inspections of construction sites to identify defects, deviations from design specifications, or safety hazards. AI algorithms can analyze drone-captured imagery to detect structural issues, construction errors, or compliance violations, enabling timely corrective actions to maintain quality standards and ensure safety.

Earthwork and Grading

Drones equipped with terrain mapping capabilities can assist in earthwork and grading operations by accurately measuring volumes of soil, rock, or other materials. AI algorithms can analyze drone-captured data to calculate cut and fill volumes, optimize grading plans, and ensure earthwork is performed according to specifications.

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