Scan the scene faster without compromising critical details

Utilizing conventional tools for scanning and documenting scenes is time-consuming and intricate. Intelligent drones streamline the process, enhancing efficiency and precision, and providing comprehensive datasets crucial for thorough inspections.

Enord provides a more intelligent solution to scene scanning and documentation, leveraging advancements in drone technology such as AI-enabled obstacle avoidance, high-resolution visual and radiometric cameras, and exceptional autonomy. With Enord drones, you can swiftly capture more measurable data, significantly faster than traditional methods allow.

Discover how automation can revolutionize

3D Modeling.

Efficiently document a scene by swiftly capturing high-quality, detailed images.

Enord drones enable rapid and precise scene capture, surpassing the speed of manual measurements or laser scanners. Offering a distinct aerial viewpoint, these drones provide investigators with comprehensive insights into the scene and its spatial dynamics. Leveraging high-fidelity aerial images, investigators can establish the groundwork for accurate 2D diagrams and 3D point clouds, facilitating further reconstruction efforts.

Utilize 3D scanning to capture photographs for generating a reconstruction of a 3D scene

Eliminate the guesswork in flight operations by utilizing an Enord drone and Ensight+. This advanced application streamlines the process by removing the need to calculate overlap, photo angles, or unnecessary background imagery. Instead, it provides thousands of reliable data points suitable for scene reconstruction, compatible with various modeling software.

What once required hours of meticulous effort is now nearly automated.

Engineered for ease of use, Enord drones are designed to simplify even the most challenging tasks in demanding environments. Leveraging advanced features like autonomous flight and intuitive controls, they enable accurate and efficient data capture that can be effortlessly achieved by individuals with minimal training.

Three more reasons

Enord makes 3D modeling easy

AI Powered Navigation

Enord drones fly indoors or outdoors beyond GPS range, utilizing navigational cameras and a reliable AI-driven visual navigation system

Tailored Ecosystem

Enord provides a holistic solution with a suite of applications and drones tailored to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Reduced Human Error

Mitigate human error in inspections and operations using AI-powered drones, ensuring accurate analysis and reducing mistakes

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