On edge warehouse management

Optimize warehouse monitoring and inventory management

Product used

Inspector Lite

Inspector Mini, the groundbreaking AI-powered drone. With its compact size and On-Edge computing capabilities, Inspector Mini deftly navigates GPS-denied environments using computer vision and AI, making it ideal for warehouse inventory management and monitoring tasks.

Its high-resolution camera ensures detailed imagery capture for precise monitoring, while its onboard AI facilitates seamless inventory checks and real-time updates, revolutionizing logistics and surveillance operations. Inspector Mini represents a leap forward in efficiency and reliability, setting new standards in the industry.

Product Used


Drones in Warehouse

Inventory management

Drones equipped with cameras and AI algorithms can autonomously navigate through warehouse aisles, scanning barcodes or RFID tags on inventory items to track their location and quantity in real-time. This facilitates more efficient inventory management and reduces the need for manual stocktaking.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance

Drones can inspect machinery, equipment, and infrastructure within warehouses to assess their condition and detect signs of wear or damage. AI-powered analysis can help predict maintenance needs, schedule repairs, and optimize asset utilization to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Security surveillance

Drones can patrol warehouse premises, monitoring for unauthorized access, intruders, or suspicious activities. AI algorithms can analyze live video feeds to detect anomalies and trigger alerts to security personnel, helping to enhance warehouse security.

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