Inspector Lite: crafted for efficient, affordable, and reliable inspections. Engineered to integrate Al on the edge, ensuring precise and real-time insights during inspections.

Experience Real-Time Insights, Making Inspections Not Just Accurate But Also Swift And Actionable

Harnessing the capabilities of Al, Inspector Lite is a versatile drone that opens up a realm where conducting systematic inspections no longer demands extensive training periods and real-time insights becomes the norm.


Inspection through drones is not a futuristic technology; it is an essential requirement in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. With the ongoing 4th industrial revolution, organizations aim to digitally transform their industrial processes, reduce costs, and enhance working environments. Inspector Lite facilitates the seamless attainment of these objectives by elevating the standard of inspections.

Crowd Detection & Counting

Enabling efficient crowd control.
The crowd detection model allows users to monitor the crowd size in any location. This proves beneficial in various scenarios, especially in situations where there's a requirement to oversee the crowd at events and prevent overcrowding. This Al model aids organizations in assessing if they have exceeded the crowd capacity, thereby enhancing the efficiency of crowd management.

Tree Detection & Counting

Contributing to sustainable development.
The tree detection model accurately identifies the number of trees at any given location. This Al model contributes to various industries by providing valuable insights, efficiency improvements, and environmental benefits. This information aids in sustainable forestry practices and conservation efforts. It helps in monitoring the proximity of trees to power lines, helping in the prevention of power outages and ensuring the safety of infrastructure and various other applications.

Bird Detection & Counting

Supporting the preservation of biodiversity.
The bird detection model accurately identifies the number of birds at any given location. This Al model has various applications across different industries, providing valuable insights and contributing to efficiency, safety, and environmental monitoring. This information helps aviation authorities take preventive measures to reduce the risk of bird strikes, helps in assessing potential risks to bird populations and various other applications.

Animal Detection & Identification

Supporting safety and conservation initiatives.
Animal Detection and Identification Al model can have diverse applications accros various industries, providing valuable insights, and contributing to safety and conservation efforts. This Al model can be employed to monitor and identify wildlife species in their natural habitats, help identify and track pests in agricultu fields and many other applications.

Venturing into uncharted territories.

Al merges computer vision, LiDAR technology, and a robust NVidia graphics engine to serve as a centimeter-accurate indoor GPS. It creates real-time 3D maps, empowering Inspector Lite to instantly perceive its surroundings. Inspector Lite delivers groundbreaking stability and exceptionally precise locational awareness, creating ease in conducting intricate inspections in critical environments.

Target your maintenance efforts effectively.

Inspector Lite's LiDAR data is processed in real-time to create precise 3D models, allowing surveyors to map previously inaccessible areas. This innovation enhances surveying, offering detailed insights in complex and remote locations.

Omnidirectional Collision Prevention

Inspector Lite is equipped to proactively prevent collisions from distances ranging from 2 to 4 meters, guaranteeing optimal safety throughout manual flights.

Plug-N-Play Swappable Payloads

Inspector Lite excels in seamlessly integrating a variety of payloads for diverse applications. Its innovative payload swapping feature minimizes setup downtime, ensuring a swift transition. With a simplified single-port system, Inspector Lite reduces integration complexities for enhanced efficiency.


AirSense provides real-time data on greenhouse gases, particulate matter, temperature and humidity, streamlining the setup of an air quality monitoring system by reducing costs, manpower, and time.


With SurroundSense integration, Inspector Lite excels in maintaining high stability even in GPS-denied environments. SurroundSense ensures that pilots of all skill levels can successfully execute intricate missions with minimal training.


ThermoSense is a thermal camera with a remarkable 640x512 resolution. Perfect for solar power plant inspections, utility assessments, and more. Unleash precision in every scan with ThermoSense – your ultimate thermal imaging solution.

Foldable Design

A Viable Solution
Engineered with user-friendly functionality and swift deployment in mind, Inspector Lite showcases a foldable design, allowing for convenient transportation. This thoughtful design ensures that the drone can be easily carried to various locations, facilitating its quick setup for inspection tasks.

4K Camera

4K Video Recording
Starlight Night Vision


Making sure each inspection is insightful

EnSight stands as a tailor-made ground control station designed exclusively for Inspector Lite, providing users with real-time visualization of processed data. The clean. and user-friendly interface of EnSight simplifies the inspection process, ensuring ease of use.

Real-time data visualization

EnSight empowers users to observe real-time processed data from the payloads visually

Asymmetric encryption

EnSight guarantees the security of your data, offering the utmost level of data protection.


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