Optimize crop management and yield through AI and aerial insights

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Inspector Lite

Inspector Lite: crafted for efficient, affordable, and dependable inspections. Inspector Lite is engineered to integrate AI on the edge, ensuring precise and intelligent analysis during inspections.

Its portability factor, combined with the capability to seamlessly integrate lightweight payloads, offers unparalleled flexibility. Designed for ease of use and rapid deployment, Inspector Lite features a foldable design for effortless transportation. Experience real-time insights, making inspections not just accurate but also swift and actionable.

Product Used


Drones in Agriculture

Crop Monitoring

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and multispectral sensors can capture aerial imagery of farmland. AI algorithms can analyze this data to monitor crop health, identify areas of stress, detect pests or diseases, and assess the effectiveness of irrigation and fertilization practices.

Precision Agriculture

Drones can conduct precision agriculture tasks such as crop scouting, soil mapping, and variable rate application of inputs (e.g., fertilizers, pesticides). AI algorithms can process drone-captured data to generate prescription maps for targeted application of inputs based on localized crop needs, soil conditions, and environmental factors.

Field Mapping and Planning

Drones can create accurate digital maps of farmland for land surveying, field boundary delineation, and farm planning purposes. AI algorithms process drone-captured data to generate orthomosaic maps, elevation models, and 3D terrain reconstructions. This facilitates land management decisions, infrastructure planning, and precision farming activities.

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